Two tools to securely collaborate: Stonesoft SSL VPN embraces SecurePass

15/04/2013 News Comments Off on Two tools to securely collaborate: Stonesoft SSL VPN embraces SecurePass

StonesoftCreate online platforms to share private contents with your team, check the order status in real time on your CRM and send emails. Easy to figure out how many inefficiencies could go away by using the perfect tools: flexible and affordable but, most important, fully integrated.

An SSL VPN solution is the easy answer for collaboration from anywhere. Salespeople, business partners and contractors often use unprotected networks to access their ERP or databases. This is no longer an issue with an SSL VPN that secures communication of data. But how can anyone tell if there is an unauthorized access to the company’s assets without taking care of the log-in phase? A secure remote access should start with proper authentication.

Network security company Stonesoft embraces SecurePass to improve authentication security in the new release of their SSL VPN. The SSL VPN E-guide is a real-life example of how an IT distributor solved common issues and embrace new opportunities.

The cloud solution give to companies the chance to move the perimeter outside of their premises, where dangers and risks for privacy and data protection are on the daily agenda. “The new perimeter of security shrinks around the user’s identity and data. Strong authentication and context-based security help to protect against identity thefts, social engineer and privilege escalation” said Marco Rottigni, SSL VPN Product Manager of Stonesoft. “I’m surprised of the integration flexibility of SecurePass. It’s created around rock-solid technologies with an Open Source background and it has global resilience. SecurePass gives an easy-to-use experience, full identity management and quick integration that is really hard to find combined in the same service.

Download the SSL VPN E-guide and discover how SecurePass meets the world’s most advanced SSL VPN solution.

SSL VPN Eguide

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