Debian and Ubuntu embrace SecurePass’ Identity Management

31/10/2014 News Comments Off on Debian and Ubuntu embrace SecurePass’ Identity Management

NSS Module for Ubuntu and Debian

We’re happy to announce the release of SecurePass NSS module for Linux and Unix.
Debian and Ubuntu will be the first distributions in adopting natively the new NSS module starting from the next releases, i.e. Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Vivid Vervet.

With the adoption of the NSS module, SecurePass users are automatically turned into Operating System’s users.This is a valuable enhancements to those customers embracing Ubuntu and Debian cloud instances.


The package will be available through the “apt” system as “libnss-securepass”. Backports might be available for previous releases of Debian or Ubuntu.

The NSS is also available for other distributions as well, such as CentOS/RHEL.

The source code is available on:


Update: chek a technical article on Alessio Treglia blog

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