Say goodbye to authentication problems

SecurePass has been designed from the ground to offer One Time Password, Identity Access Management and Single Sign On features in one service at a convenient price for:

  • VPN and SSL VPN
  • Extranet
  • Web application
  • Remote desktop (VDI)
  • Teleworkers and branches
  • Contractors and partners
  • Virtual datacenter (es: VMware)
  • Micropayment
  • Traceability
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Better privacy

Ensure data confidentiality and privacy

SecurePass helps protecting intellectual properties, privacy and sensitive data against threats such as data breach, sabotage and malware.

Secure collaboration on protected data

SecurePass improves data protection on your online workspace by granting access to authorized users. Applications and databases can be securely shared with partners, suppliers and customers across your firewalls.

Swiss based service for confidentiality

SecurePass is developed by GARL and hosted in a Switzerland datacenter. It’s more than compliant to privacy regulation of Europe and international countries. 

Enterprise architecture for every business

Military grade security

Your identities are securely stored and encrypted in GARL’s passwords vault using military-grade techniques. Our facilities are protected with multiple layers of security controls both on physical and logical layer following the “defense in depth” strategy.

Global secure architecture

SecurePass is delivered through a fully load-balanced, multinational and multi-datacenter facilities across Europe with multiple redundant connections to the Internet. Your data is carefully encrypted and replicated over our digital vaults. You’ll be able to securely authenticate your users. Always.

Easy integration

SecurePass leverages Radius protocol, Ldap and CAS protocol: integrating your applications is easy and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Free guides and examples are available on our support, at all times feel free to ask the community for any problems or engage one of our advisors

Cost control matchs security

Hassle free and pay as you go

No hidden costs, no license fees, no services to manage. SecurePass is a subscription-based service valid for unlimited applications. Our flexible model will enable you easily control costs while forgetting about unexpected expenses.

Free accounts for personal use

SecurePass has no trial edition, opening a pre-paid account is free and has complimentary users included. You will have the full power of your accounts from the beginning and with no expiration date.

Choose your security token

SecurePass is a cloud-based 2 factor authentication service working both with hardware tokens or software tokens on your favourite smartphone. You are free to mix and match the right token for your set of users.

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