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Secure authentication case studies

ISSUE 8, July – August 2013 – After the wide adoption in large enterprises, web applications to manage the sales force are growing also in the SMB market. As these applications contains important information of clients and are accessed from a distributed workforce, security is the major barrier for the adoption. How to meet customers’ security expectations while accessing their data through the Internet? Rho Consulting moved a step ahead by creating a dedicated secure web application to their sales network that improves reputation with their financial partners. Antonio Perrone tells us how a potentially complex architecture turned out to be a quick and easy access solution for the cloud.

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ISSUE 7,  June 2013 –  Few clicks are enough to gather passwords of protected documents: even a well established organization can fall against the “human factor”, influencing the market and making the company’s stocks fall. This is what happened to a famous insurance company, one of the largest in Europe, when the decisions of the board of directors were leaked and revealed to the press. How to quickly add security for a system conceived to be accessible to every device? Find out how to take privacy back to the board of directors and enforced the relationship with the client.

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ISSUE 6, May 2013 –  Baleno Wireless is bringing broadband connection where standard cable connectivity is not available; the company was searching for a secure solution to authenticate per- sonnel from everywhere.Discover how SecurePass fits the needs of a Wireless ISP and was able to protect the access to Baleno Wireless infrastructure from the technicians’ mobile devices.
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ISSUE 5, April 2013 –  Waupau is a secure videochat platform that targets teenagers who want to practice their English talking with boys and girls all over the world.  All chatrooms are protected with SecurePass authentication: this is the way to guarantee  protection to minors against any internets’ risks. Read how SecurePass makes users responsible of their behavior and help a secure way to develop software.

Download the case study: download-english-version[English] | download-italian-version[Italian]



ISSUE 4, March 2013 –  Blue Bay Tech develops services and products to improve everyday business and provide a better way of working. The main goal of the company is providing simple, yet effective enterprise solutions that enables small and medium businesses and small public sector to take advantage of cloud computing.

Blue Bay Tech integrates SecurePass to guarantee top-level protection to its customers and help competitiveness on the market. Technical Director Antimo Di Comite explains security from a developer point of view.

Download the case study: download-english-version[English] | download-italian-version[Italian]

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ISSUE 3,  February 2013 – Ubique Technologies seamlessly integrated SecurePass to rely on a platform that ensures the correct user lifecycle. After an initial internal adoption, Ubique decided to resell the service to its customers, while its staff enjoy the central management from a comfortable control panel. Discover how the German cloud provider improved revenues and saved costs by investing in SecurePass.

Download the case study: download-english-version[English] | download-italian-version[Italian]



ISSUE 2, January 2013 – Having the best of breed physical and logical security is a key differentiator and improve reputation on a very competitive market. policies require that strong security is enforced on every operation: identities and rights are constantly verified and monitored, be it a customers’ access to its own services or a member of staff accessing the intranet. Nicola Moresi, CEO at, explains how he reengineered his company through a total security approach.

Download the case study: download-english-version[English] | download-italian-version[Italian]



ISSUE 1, December 2012 – Securing confidential data in a cloud environment: customers’ privacy is a concern for most companies, for example Internet, telco and datacenter providers. Italian ISPs, in particular, face complex challenges as they are subject to the strict italian regulations on privacy: the “Security In Telephone And Internet Traffic Data” Act (Official Journal of the Italian Republic n.30, 5th February 2008) requires that all the staff accessing customers’ data must be identified through strong authentication mechanisms. Mariano Cunietti, CIO of Enter, explains how can compliance requirements and the evolution of a growing innovative service work together.
Download the case study: download-english-version[English] | download-italian-version[Italian]

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