GARL Lugano sicurezzaSecurePass is a GARL managed service

GARL is a Swiss based security company

GARL develops IT security products and virtualization services focused on identity protection on the Cloud, as the user is became the ultimate perimeter of a never ending distributed model. As a bank of digital data who adopt standard protocols and Open Source technologies, GARL offers flexible and inclusive applications, easy to use and without licence of traditional enterprise level products. The development and consultancy team headed by CTO Giuseppe Paternò have been solving real problems of international customers since 2008, building data center architectures, effective intranets and secure accesses. For more information, visit




Complete security suite

Bank of Passwords Online password manager with teamworks


bop-garlBank of Passwords is the online password manager who stores all the credential in a single, safe place and encrypt them with a combination of multiple keys. Organizing passwords in separated teamworks and share just what you need is the efficient and more secure way to collaborate with partners and departments without risk of customers’ accounts being compromised. The admin is in control thanks to alerts and audit logs, as well as the option to delegate a trustee for emergency access.


SecureData Virtualization for test and development clusters

securedata-garlSecureData is the virtualization service ready to install on corporate commodity hardware to reduce risk of software development without paying any licence. Based on Ganeti, the Open Source platform created by Google for internal use, SecureData adopts a customizable interface where users create and destroy virtual machines in complete autonomy. A customized technical consulting is included with the service and is necessary to take full advantage of refurbished hardware and let it works at its best.





GARL CP 510 – Zona Stazione 6802 Rivera Switzerland
Tel: +41-(0)91-2207533 Fax: +41-(0)91-2207830




ZURICH OFFICE Baarerstrasse 14, 6300 Zug Switzerland
UK OFFICE 38 Wigmore Street London W1U 2HA United Kingdom
Tel: +44-(0)20-3529-6120 Fax: +44-(0)20-3529-1025

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