SecurePass was designed for you

SecurePass authentication and identity service was designed from the ground to help you concentrating on your core business, while relieving you from security issues connected to identity frauds.

No matter what your core business is, SecurePass improves your security by ensuring an higher data protection and a seamless access from your staff. Discover the benefits of integrating SecurePass in most of the environments and open your account today.

Small and medium business (SMBs)

Cloud and Internet hosting is the perfect solutions for agile companies that wish to focus on their business while reducing costs and add more flexibility. SecurePass will help to protect your data in the cloud from cybercriminals and competition in a matter of minutes. Discover how easy is integrating our service in your existing resources and open your account today. »


Insurance & Legal

Personal details, financial statements, health reports and investigations: your business documents contain a vast amount of confidential information about people’s identities and their private life. SecurePass prevents data leaking and provides a secure access to confidential information, while being easy to integrate into your existing applications and VPN appliances. Protect your valuable information with our service, it’s guaranteed by GARL, the Swiss Bank leader in protecting digital data. »


Large & Multinational companies

Cloud allow businesses to lower IT costs and provide more flexibility, while allowing users to access corporate data anytime and from anywhere through the Internet. In this scenario, organisations are facing more fraud attempts and malicious attacks. SecurePass provides a large-scale, bank-grade identity and authentication solution that can be easily adapted for your needs: partner today with the only bank that provides a permanent protection for all your workforce. »


Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Developing software is more than just writing programs, is helping your customers improving the way they are doing business. Differentiate from competitors while providing an additional protection to your applications and minimize customers risk associated with identity frauds. Open an account today and discover how easy is integrating your application with SecurePass through standard protocols. »


Cloud Providers

Customers are understanding the benefits of adopting a cloud solution, ranging from small to large organisations. Providers are understanding that cloud is probably the best opportunity to increase their world-wide presence and exploring new businesses. As customers will relief their pain by trusting in you, cloud providers can now trust a SecurePass to supply a safe storage for customers’ identities: it’s guaranteed by GARL, the Swiss Bank for digital data. Add a extra service you could rebrand and resell to end users as an added value on top of your current offerings today without any additional investments. »


Healthcare & Life science

With a large amount of medical records and laboratories data, privacy is one of most important requirements to gain compliance in a streamline healthcare organisations. SecurePass ensures a comfortable solution to protect people’s identities and confidential information in the cloud. Protect your valuable data today through our Bank. »


Pharmaceutical & Biotechnologies

Research and new medical discoveries means intellectual properties and confidential data to be protected. Rely on a Swiss precision and quality to protect your precious assets: SecurePass ensure a comfortable solution to protect people’s identities and confidential information in your organization and gain required compliance. »


Local Government

The public sector is discovering the benefits of going digital and transforming the relationship with their citizens. With a full identity protection service in the cloud, SecurePass can enforce the security measures of the public sector and help institutions to boost collaboration among personnel and citizens. »



Private and public school and universities deserve a way to improve IT efficiency at a lower cost. SecurePass offer a new approach to strong authentication and identity management to the educational sector in the cloud era. Our Freedom account is free up to 200 users and with high discounts for more: discover how easy is integrating our solutions in your university. »



Nonprofit organisations strive to improve living standards worldwide. Information technology is a great help to achieve their goals, but charities are struggling to acquire the necessary tools. SecurePass provides an invaluable protection of your data for free: we support a wide range of humanitarian and charities worldwide in the effort of protecting freedom and civil rights of disadvantaged people. »

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