SecurePass for cloud providers (SaaS, IaaS, Paas)

Customers are understanding the benefits of adopting a cloud solution, ranging from small to large organisations. Providers were able to forecast the customers needs: cloud is probably the best opportunity to increase their world-wide presence and exploring new businesses.

Our SecurePass service offers to all cloud providers an invisible integration you could rebrand and resell to end users as an added value on top of your current offerings.

Cloud Providers offer to their customers an efficient infrastructure for applications and systems, making their IT department more focused on their core business while not caring about the underlying platform. From a customer perspective, choosing a reliable and secure partner is key for their business. As customers will relief their pain by trusting in you, cloud providers can now trust a bank to supply a safe storage for customers’ identities: it’s GARL, the Swiss Bank for Digital Identities.Operating a secure environment is a key for everyone’s success and protects you and your customers from identities inefficiencies such as password resets, identity theft and other security threats.

Our SecurePass service offers to all cloud providers an invisible integration you could rebrand and resell to end users as an added value on top of your current offerings. SecurePass leverages standard protocols: integrating your cloud software is easy and start providing our service in a matter of minutes. Free guides and examples are available on our support site.

We have a tailored service for cloud providers, don’t hesitate to contact our network of advisors.




SecurePass for SaaS – Key benefits for Software As A Service

On-Demand token

Web is the perfect platform to host next generation applications: trough a browser, your customers will access your applications from anywhere, with any device and at any time. SecurePass accounts deliver strong authentication security through a free software token that follow every user across several devices and locations. All your customers have to do is download the application an install it on their personal smartphones.


Enhance data security

The major concerns for companies about adopting SaaS is security: are their credentials and confidential data securely stored online?

Offer with you product the bank-grade technology of SecurePass reassure your customers their sensitive information is protected against the risk of data leaking.


Time-limited passwords for unlimited business

Leaving your users’ choosing their own password might lead to unpredictable security results and data leaks: do you know that -according to recent studies- the most complex password is “abc123”?

Forget about handling your users’s identities and leverage SecurePass’ multiple strong authentication mechanisms, such as One Time Passwords, in no time. Passwords last for sixty seconds and can’t be hacked or guessed by malicious users. For a greater security, it always possible couple OTP with SecureFactor, a secret password of any length securely stored and encrypted in GARL’s digital caveau.


Outsourcing security to a bank

Integrating our service into your applications offers the protection against identity threats and other security breaches.

SecurePass is an added value to your proposition and helps you differentiate from competitors without paying additional money upfront.


SecurePass for IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

Mitigate risks

Providers that embraces clouds through delivering virtual servers probably will take the most of the cloud business while giving great flexibility to their customers. With your service, end customers can orchestrate their virtual datacenters through an easy to use Web interface from anywhere on the Internet. Exposing such interface publicly on the Internet can lead to identity theft issues: would you challenge your reputation and trust for a customer adopting a password such as “qwerty”?

SecurePass can address these issues by providing secure, reliable, easy and affordable identity service. By leveraging SecurePass strong authentication (OTP & SecureFactor) and the open protocols offered by the service, it is possible to mitigate the risks of identity theft in your cloud portal in a matter of minutes.


Take your datacenter reputation under control

By compromising a single identity, a malicious user can log in to the cloud portal and fully control the virtual datacenter from anywhere, with the result of data being compromised or services being disrupted.

SecurePass is an added value to help improve your service and protect your datacenter reputation from account vulnerabilities.


Extend your business

To improve your business and dealing with competitors, you can offer to your customers an enterprise-class security software as a service to protect their corporate identities. Stay focused on running your core business with the identity management system that you embedded in your existing infrastructure without paying additional money upfront.


It’s free and easy with software token

Let your users take advantage of a secure, different password every time using the devices they already have. The software token is available for free as an application for the most popular smartphone operating systems. SecurePass verifies your users’ identity using several strong authentication mechanisms, giving you peace of mind when you grant them access to your infrastructure.


SecurePass for PaaS – Platform as a Service

Increase cloud business opportunity for Paas

Provide more facilities

PaaS providers plays a key role in the cloud space that links application developers to day-by-day IT operations. PaaS takes care of all the infrastructure, services and frameworks that allows the developers to focus on what they do best: designing and coding applications. Encourage the adoption of a security solution and help ISV to deliver a competitive product to the cloud marked.

SecurePass helps protecting projects, privacy and sensitive data against threats such as digital breaches, sabotage, malware while being easier to maintain and to integrate from a traditional strong authentication and identity management solution.

Grow your business withstrong authentication solution SecurePass

New business with less effort

The natural evolution of PaaS is therefore providing more and more frameworks and services to their developers to make their life easier. Why making them care about securely identifying their users?

Relief your developer pain of identifying their user by offering an additional service and increase your business opportunities.


Strong cloud identity solution by GARL bank


Developers will benefit of an easy to use service with industry-standard protocols, well supported in all your programming languages. The overall benefit for the end customers is their identities safely stored in GARL, the Swiss Bank for Digital Identities.


Why embracing SecurePass

RELIABLE Always, Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Designed from the ground up to be fully fault tolerant
  • Several multi-datacenter facilities across Europe
  • Multiple redundant connections to the Internet


AFFORDABLE Pay-as-you-go


  • Subscription-based service
  • Unlimited applications
  • No hidden costs, no license fees, no services to manage

Swiss tradition


  • Protection of everyone’s privacy
  • Quality banking
  • Exclusive network protection & isolation technology

EASY Integration and administration

  • Nothing to install or configure
  • It works in a matter of minutes
  • Simple and intuitive web control panel
  • Comply with Internet Standards
  • Works on mobile devices

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