SecurePass for Healthcare and Clinical Laboratories

With a large amount of medical records and laboratories data, privacy is one of most important requirements to gain compliance in a streamline healthcare organisations.

SecurePass ensure a comfortable solution to protect people’s identities and confidential information in the cloud.


Your toolkit for identity management

SecurePass is your Swiss knife to protect and manage identity in the cloud: three tools that complete your applications, all in the same package. Strong authentication: Don’t worry about users’ passwords being copied as they changes every 60 seconds. Identity protection: is your user really who he claims to be? SecurePass verifies users’ identity while accessing your applications and data. Single Sign-On: SecurePass recognize users for every integrated application, no need to ask again for proof of identity.


Prescript a One Time Password

Throw away your yellow memos and free your mind from several weak passwords associated with different on-line accounts in few steps. You can pick a One Time Password (OTP) from your mobile device or hardware token and check patients confidential records, such lab results or radiographs, without worrying that anybody could steal personal or financial details. Every account comes with the extra layer of protection with SecureFactor, our exclusive feature born to enhance the security of your account. SecurePass will allow your staff to access confidential data from any location and with any device, including shared workstations.


Streamline protection for the future

Secure access to data plays an important part in healthcare compliance to regulations and it’s highly recommended by best practices.
Investing today in a SecurePass means stop worrying about security issues from now on: our cloud-based service could be quickly integrated in your existing IT environment and you will be automatically upgraded to future technologies.
At GARL we keep on researching in new security techniques to guarantee that your identities are protected in the future.


Share securely

Healthcare organisations face the challenge of share confidential data among different units while coping with an high turnover of employees, contractors and students. Give SecurePass the task to identify who, when, where and for what purpose a user is granted access to data and focus on the most valuable service you can give to your community.


Identity theft prevention is the first cure

Fraudsters use people identity details to impersonate them and make illegal operations. What if a private detective impersonate a doctor to steal your patient’s data?
Our identity management service will help you to keep your organisation under control: SecurePass and minimize patients’ risks associated to account vulnerabilities.


Seamless integration guaranteed by a bank

A simple login for many applications: through our “Single Sign-On” portal you will benefit our protection and your users will have more time for your most valuable activities.
Switch to SecurePass and enjoy the peace of mind that only the first bank-grade infrastructure can provide.


Discover the benefits for


Why embracing SecurePass

RELIABLE Always, Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Designed from the ground up to be fully fault tolerant
  • Several multi-datacenter facilities across Europe
  • Multiple redundant connections to the Internet


AFFORDABLE Pay-as-you-go


  • Subscription-based service
  • Unlimited applications
  • No hidden costs, no license fees, no services to manage

Swiss tradition


  • Protection of everyone’s privacy
  • Quality banking
  • Exclusive network protection & isolation technology

EASY Integration and administration

  • Nothing to install or configure
  • It works in a matter of minutes
  • Simple and intuitive web control panel
  • Comply with Internet Standards
  • Works on mobile devices

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