Assure relationship with clients and partners

Personal details, financial statements, health reports and investigations: all your business documents contain a vast amount of confidential information about people’s identities and their private life.

You have to protect these information against online data theft: strong authentication is a simple yet effective solution to prevent data leaking while accessing data through a VPN connection, an extranet or any mobile application.

SecurePass provides insurance and legal industries a secure access to confidential information and raise the value of your relations with customers and partners world-wide. GARL’s bank-grade identity management system protect your company from internal and external frauds, as the service verifies that every user is really who he claims to be.

Your toolkit for identity management

SecurePass is your Swiss knife to protect and manage identity in the cloud: three tools that complete your applications, all in the same package. Strong authentication: Don’t worry about users’ passwords being copied as they changes every 60 seconds. Identity protection: is your user really who he claims to be? SecurePass verifies users’ identity while accessing your applications and data. Single Sign-On: SecurePass recognize users for every integrated application, no need to ask again for proof of identity.


Strong authentication for privacy

In the best case scenario, private details of people’s identities are stored on a shared database and protected by a password. Implementing a security solution has been proven to provide the level of protection needed for most regulations. One Time Password (OTP) technology uses a numeric code that changes every minute, combining “something you know” with an additional factor of authentication. SecurePass allows you to extend your OTP security with an extra secret password of any length: the exclusive SecureFactor feature is complimentary with every account.


Protect intellectual properties in the cloud

An identity management system is a valuable tool for the entire company, especially if you need to protect intellectual properties, sensitive data and confidential information. SecurePass guards the process of obtaining and managing access to corporate resources from anywhere, with any device and at any time.


Identity protection from everywhere

Through the access to on-line web applications, a malicious user could steal your password and access company’s data archive. Give to SecurePass’ service the role of protecting your personnel identities worldwide and we will ensure that your users are really who they claim to be, not malicious ones. It’s guaranteed by GARL, the Swiss Bank for Digital Identities.


Seamless access to all network resources

SecurePass mitigates the risk of data leaking in your CRM and web portals and allows you to build a closer relationship with partners. Through SecurePass’ Single Sign-On feature, each user has a single point of identification which grant them access to all the integrated resources. This feature will reduce users’ support requests about passwords, save users’ time and increase the overall security level.


Integrate easily using our support site

One of the most powerful advantages of SecurePass is the simplicity of integration in your network appliances and cloud applications. All business-critical information can be protected anywhere and anytime. As your business requires a change, SecurePass is there to provide the ultimate flexibility to add as many applications and devices you need.


Why embracing SecurePass

RELIABLE Always, Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Designed from the ground up to be fully fault tolerant
  • Several multi-datacenter facilities across Europe
  • Multiple redundant connections to the Internet


AFFORDABLE Pay-as-you-go


  • Subscription-based service
  • Unlimited applications
  • No hidden costs, no license fees, no services to manage

Swiss tradition


  • Protection of everyone’s privacy
  • Quality banking
  • Exclusive network protection & isolation technology

EASY Integration and administration

  • Nothing to install or configure
  • It works in a matter of minutes
  • Simple and intuitive web control panel
  • Comply with Internet Standards
  • Works on mobile devices

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