Protect against security threats with SecurePass

Developing software is more than just writing programs, is helping your customers improving the way they are doing business. What is the secret recipe to create the best software?

You know that the success of an application often relies on hidden features such as data integrity, easy to manage and security.

Offering additional protection to your applications means bringing more value to your customers. SecurePass is a fully featured identity management suite built with high reliability in mind and is trusted by the first Swiss Bank of Digital Identities. To minimize customer risks associated to security vulnerabilities and to prevent identity theft, you can embed SecurePass as an integrated security feature in your applications.
Strong authentication integration testimonialWe needed a strong authentication for our cloud solution.By using SecurePass, we had our solution integrated and tested in less than half a day: all the benefits without paying the money upfront.Antimo Di Comite, CTO, BlueBayTech

Strong authentication, identity management, Single Sign-On

Your toolkit for identity management

SecurePass is your Swiss knife to protect and manage identity in the cloud: three tools that complete your applications, all in the same package. Strong authentication: don’t worry about users’ passwords being copied as they changes every 60 seconds. Identity protection: is your user really who he claims to be? SecurePass verifies users’ identity while accessing your applications and data. Single Sign-On: SecurePass recognize users for every integrated application, no need to ask again for proof of identity.

ISV integration with SecurePass

Peace of mind

Forget security issues related to identity and focus on developing product’s core features. Adopting SecurePass in your software means adding more value without investing time and money. Offering a better service is part of your next generation technological strategy: consider GARL a partner, not a supplier.

ISV Security solution, easy to integrate

Help your customers

Companies don’t need complex security solution with dedicated personnel and procedures. Integration with services such as SecurePass is the next generation strategy to help IT managers reducing costs while providing the best secure applications to support their business.

ISV Data protection with SecurePass

Offer a stronger authentication with less effort

The One Time Password is valid for only one login session and requires only a smartphone application or an hardware token. Furthermore, users can always enable SecureFactor, an additional password on top of OTP. SecurePass encrypts all traffic exchanged with the GARL data vault that complies with financial protection levels. With a growing number of supported applications and plug-ins, SecurePass can be fully integrated into your services and cloud in a matter of minutes.

ISV saas solution against malware

Your software, your business, our service

Adding new features is a key factor to improve your business and dealing with competitors. Strong authentication market is increasing due to widespread diffusion of malware, i.e. malicious programs written to damage users and to use compromised systems for frauds. Be the first offering protection with no upfront costs on your side. With our Elite account, you will be even able to brand SecurePass login screen and web administrative interface by adding your product logo and customize color themes.

GARL Bank for digital identities

Trust the swiss bank of digital identities

Behind SecurePass there’s the protection of GARL, the swiss bank of digital identities. Through our SecurePass service, your customers’ digital data are protected against identity theft with a technology developed by the same personnel that protected most of the european financial banks and government agencies.

Open a free SecurePass account

Try it for free

You will discover how easy is integrating SecurePass in your applications. SecurePass relies on open protocols such as RADIUS, CAS and LDAP: SecurePass works out of the box with most of the popular development framework. We offer a range of accounts to protect your customers’ identities: you can embed our offer in your services through the Elite account or resell SecurePass as-is through Standard and Premier account. If you are developing your customers’ applications, you will enjoy the free user packs that comes with all of our accounts. Experience SecurePass yourself and open your account today: it’s free!


Why embracing SecurePass

RELIABLE Always, Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Designed from the ground up to be fully fault tolerant
  • Several multi-datacenter facilities across Europe
  • Multiple redundant connections to the Internet

AFFORDABLE Pay-as-you-go


  • Subscription-based service
  • Unlimited applications
  • No hidden costs, no license fees, no services to manage

TRUST Swiss tradition


  • Protection of everyone’s privacy
  • Quality banking
  • Exclusive network protection & isolation technology

EASY Integration and administration

  • Nothing to install or configure
  • It works in a matter of minutes
  • Simple and intuitive web control panel
  • Comply with Internet Standards
  • Works on mobile devices

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