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Trusted authentication for large corporations and resellers

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One time passwords (OTP) with SecureFactor
Web-based administrative interface
Exclusive Network Protection & Isolation technology
Bulk provisioning
SSO: easy web authentication via our Web-based Single Sign-On (CAS) interface
RADIUS support: easy VPN, network devices, Linux/Unix, Windows and applications authentication
LDAP support: easy enterprise authentication with 3rd party applications
Cloud IaaS support: VMWare Cloud Director, XenServer, OpenStack and more
Your custom brand
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free
Users included 2 Suggested for 100 2000
Additional users (in user packs) € 3 per user/month € 7 per user/month on request
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Freedom account

Securepass is free for non-profit organizations.Freedom account is valid for 200 users and it’s always free for activities related to the statute. Sends a request with a certificate of non-profit organization to



Multifactor authentication with OTP and SecureFactor

Double verification of the identities of your users at every access, adding “something you know” (password) to “something you have” (token). The token generates a One Time Password, a numeric code that changes every minute; for more security you can add SecureFactor, an extra secret password of any length of your choice.


Easy web authentication via our Web-based Single Sign-On (CAS) interface

The CAS protocol provides a way for enabling Enterprise Single Sign On for web applications. This protocol is widely used in different environments because of its portability, ease of integration and implementation. Through SecurePass’ Single Sign-On feature, each user has a single point of identification through their One Time Password, which grant them access to all the integrated resources such as:

  • Any Web application hosted on Apache HTTP Server and IIS
  • Popular Web languages such as: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl and more
  • Popular Web frameworks such as: WordPress, Joomla, Mediawiki, uPortal, Liferay and more


Easy VPN, network devices, Linux/Unix, Windows and applications authentication via our RADIUS interface

RADIUS is a networking protocol that provides centralised authentication, authorisation, and Accounting (AAA) management for computers that connect and use a network service.The RADIUS protocol is extremely popular and is embedded as a client in any network equipment, operating systems and some services such as:


Easy enterprise authentication via our LDAP interface

LDAP is an application protocol for accessing directory services. A large number of applications can access data and authenticate users using this protocol. SecurePass supports access to the company identities through the LDAP protocol, both for authentication purposes and to access users’ information, for example for a corporate directory.

Thousands of applications and all operating systems support LDAP as a way to authenticate your users. Check you favourite application/operating system manual on how to integrate an LDAP authentication.

  • Access enterprise applications
  • Access any application that supports LDAP authentication
  • Use LDAP as your Company directory


VMWare Cloud Director, XenServer, Open Stack and other cloud infrastructure software

IaaS infrastructure software such as VMware vCloud and OpenStack are a cloud computing management platform that allows organizations to be able to deploy services and consume resources on demand through an easy to use web portal. Operating a secure virtual datacenter is a key for everyone’s success and protects you and your customers from identities inefficiencies such as password resets, identity theft and other security threats.
By leveraging SecurePass strong authentication (OTP) and the open protocols offered by our software as a service, it is possible to mitigate the risks of identity theft in your cloud portal in a matter of minutes.

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Your custom brand

Enjoy a customized experience of SecurePass, for example having your corporate logo or reselling SecurePass with your custom brand in “white label” mode.


Web-based administrative interface

A simple and intuitive web control panel helps you manage your users, applications and devices at a glance.


Complimentary users included

Standard account comes with a set of free users included. Enjoy the freedom of adding more more users when you need them with a prepaid card (for Personal and Business) or a comfortable monthly statement.


Exclusive Network Protection & Isolation technology

Our exclusive Network Protection & Isolation technology will allow user access to the corporate network resources he/she is entitled to access. SecurePass will recognize and detect which equipment/application is performing the request, if the equipment/application is valid and if the user is entitled perform authentication on that system.


Bulk provisioning

Manage several users at a glance through a easy CSV file.

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