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Software token for
iOS and Android smartphone

Every SecurePass accounts comes with a freely available token for popular SmartPhones. It is also very easy to configure: our provisioning system will send an e-mail to automatically set up our app.

If you are a consultant and you deal with multiple customers, then you will enjoy our support for multiple identities: this makes our app a great swiss-knife tool for accessing all your customers’ platforms.

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Hardware token


By simply pressing the button, SecurePass token generates and displays a secure one-time password every 60 seconds, ensuring proper identification and allowing only authenticated user with authorized access to critical applications and sensitive data. For maximum security, ask for your hardware token when opening a free account.

Service Cards


It has a size of a credit card and contains an LCD screen that generates One Time Passwords every 60 seconds and a Mifare Ultralight NFC chip that can be used for physical access security. A photo and person details can be printed on the card alongside your logo. On request, our card can have even more: a contact and/or contactless smartcard, a magnetic stripe, laser engraving and/or a different physical access security protocol. Contact us to know more.


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