SecurePass has a solution for you

SecurePass’ services can be fully integrated into devices, applications and cloud easily. Through our support of standard and open protocols, there’s no limits to what you can integrate with SecurePass.

Find out the benefits of integrating SecurePass in standard environments: with most of your network equipment, like VPN devices, and operating systems it can work in a matter of minutes; with your Enterprise and web applications it will integrate in less than a day.
Whatever your environment needs might be, SecurePass can help.

VPN & Remote Access

No matter if you are doing business from your company headquarter, branch office or while sitting comfortably from an hotel room: working from anywhere is today a common practice.
Experience the only service that can give you the peace of mind of accessing corporate resources securely when outside of company premises. »


Web Applications

SecurePass offers you an extra layer of security to your web applications and portals with multi-factor authentication enhanced by a Single Sign On experience.
Bring your identities in our bank and protect your valuable data in a matter of minutes. »


Content Management (CMS)

Website attacks are more frequently than the ones reported by media. CMS platforms can be under targeted attacks to steal sensitive corporate data such as customers informations and confidential product details.
Enhance the protection your critical assets and resources while sharing information with internal users, customers or partners. »


Cloud Platforms

Orchestration of virtual data centers through web interfaces exposes the cloud portal to the risk of password theft. SecurePass add security as an extra value to your proposition and increase your reputation and trust to your business without paying additional money upfront. Operate a more secure environment while saving your time from inefficiencies such as password resets, identity theft and other security threats with a strong authentication system. »


Enterprise applications

Enterprise application software has changed the way people do business. More than ever, today’s workforce can collaborate anywhere by accessing, storing and analysing data through server side enterprise applications. Organisations needs to rely on an identity protection system to prevent identity theft and ensure the privacy that customers’ data deserve. Choose the only cloud strong authentication and identity management service that helps your organisation to comply with industry regulations, manage privileged users and meet audit requirements. »


Unix & Linux

SecurePass improve data protection and privacy to your enterprise by providing secure access to Unix and Linux systems.
Upgrade your existing environments with a secure access to desktops, remote terminal access, local applications, and all unix workloads such as FTP/SFTP/SSH servers, web portals, mail servers and more. »


Windows Terminal Services

When you spent time and money to implement the perfect Windows Terminal Services for your business, you have also to ensure that data and applications are guarded from the risk of malicious users.
Ensure the protection of data and Windows applications from the risk of malicious users through a simple and free plugin. »

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