Increase security and reliability of cloud infrastructures

SecurePass for cloud platforms

Protect your virtual data centers with strong authentication

Orchestration of virtual data centers through web interfaces expose the cloud portal to the risk of password theft. SecurePass add security as an extra value to your proposition and increase your reputation and trust to your business without paying additional money upfront.


Cloud providers every day face the challenge of managing a large and variable number of users working from various places with different operating systems. Operating a secure environment is a key for everyone’s success and protects you and your customers from identities inefficiencies such as password resets, identity theft and other security threats.

By leveraging SecurePass strong authentication (OTP) and the open protocols offered by our software as a service, it is possible to mitigate the risks of identity theft in your cloud portal in a matter of minutes.


Outsource security to a bank

Forget any security issue related to identity and focus on developing your core features. Adopting SecurePass for your virtual datacenters means adding more value without investing time and money. Just pay what you actually use: our cloud-based identity management system adapts to the number of your users. Offering a better service is part of your next generation technological strategy: consider GARL a partner, not a supplier. Your success is our mission.


Mitigate risks

By compromising a single account, a malicious user could access to your cloud portal and fully control your datacenter. An identity management service help you to keep your business under control: embed SecurePass as an integrated security feature in your cloud service and minimize customers’ risks associated to account vulnerabilities.


Double protection with SecureFactor

In order to accomplish a better cloud security, you might add a reliable, stronger authentication system to your platform. SecurePass enforces privacy and data integrity through the use of One Time Passwords: our password is valid only for one login session and it only requires a freely available smartphone application or an hardware token to work. Enable SecureFactor and add an extra layer of security on top of OTPs through a personal selected password and reduce even further the risk of data leaking.


Resell a new feature

Adding new features is a key factor to improve your business and dealing with competitors. SecurePass offers an invisible integration to cloud providers: you could rebrand and resell our service to your customers as an added value on top of your current offerings. With our Elite account you will be even able to brand SecurePass login screen and web interface by adding your logo and customize color themes. Be the first offering security with no upfront costs on your side.


Free and familiar as an “app”

Eliminate the need for hardware token by turning popular mobile devices into software token: users will take advantage of a secure, different password every time, thus you don’t have to manage passwords reset anymore. SecurePass verifies your users’ identity using several strong authentication mechanisms, giving you peace of mind when you grant them access to your infrastructure.


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