Enhance your CMS security at a glance

Add strong authentication to popular CMSes such as WordPress and Joomla

Website attacks are more frequently than the ones reported by media. CMS platforms can be under targeted attacks to steal sensitive corporate data such as customers information and confidential product details.


Do you know how malware works? Websites, especially those using popular frameworks, are constantly exposed to the risk of new generation viruses, while serving content to legitimate users across the Internet. Malicious users takes advantages of bugs in frameworks to log-in as an administrator and infect your websites with viruses, so visitors can silently download it an spread the virus too, or worms that turns your server into an attacking machine, often referred as “bot” or “zombie”.

By adding SecurePass’ plugin to your private collaboration sites, you will enhance the protection of critical assets and resources that are shared with internal users, customers or partners and stops infections due to illegitimate access to your control panel.


Avoid Google blacklisting your website

The worst damage of a breached site is its bad reputation online. If your site has been infected, Google and other search search engines will report your site as being dangerous and inviting your users not to visit it. Even some browsers, such as Firefox, will stop the user from connecting to your website.
SecurePass help you to defend your business against these issues and incidents like sabotage and data leaking before it’s too late. Install the plugin and take advantage of our identity services today.


Strong authentication

Login with a One Time Password is simple: all you need is an hardware/software token (freely available for your favourite smartphone) and a SecurePass account. Feel even more secure with SecureFactor: select an additional password of any length and use it with OTP for every integrated applications.
Misusing your on-line identity and compromising your account will become more difficult by using “something you have”.


User friendly

SecurePass is your single tool to manage identities across multiple online services (remote access, web and enterprise applications, server, CMS). Moreover, it is simple to deploy and you don’t need special training to use. Every account comes with with full support from your advisor and from the community: feel free to ask for any query.


We adopted a CMS too

We tried it first ourselves: our site runs a CMS protected by our SecurePass plugin.
Trust the bank who use its own vault: choose which account better suits your needs and start using our service.


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