Data security for enterprise applications, on-line CRMs and ERPs

Protection and collaboration through strong authentication

More than ever, today’s workforce can collaborate anywhere by accessing, storing and analysing data through server side enterprise applications. Organisations needs to rely on an identity protection system to prevent identity theft and ensure the privacy that customers’ data deserves.




Enterprise applications and world-class CRM & ERP software ensure privacy by preventing users from choosing weak passwords, so that users can’t pick up their favourite “123456” password. But what about a more complex password such as “Password123”? What if a malicious user could steal it and access company’s data accessed through an on-line application? SecurePass’ identity management feature will help your organisation comply with industry regulations, manage privileged users and meet audit requirements.


Multifactor authentication

In order to accomplish a better cloud security, your enterprise application can adopt a reliable, stronger authentication system. SecurePass enforces privacy and data integrity on your favourite platforms through the use of One Time Passwords: our password is valid only for one login session and it only requires a freely available smartphone application or an hardware token. But SecurePass offers more: with SecureFactor, you can add an extra level of security combining a secret word of any length to your One Time Password and increase the

protection level of corporate data.


User friendly

A simple login for many applications: through our “Single Sign-On” portal you will benefit our protection and your users will have more time for your most valuable activities. Switch to SecurePass and enjoy the peace of mind that only the first bank-grade infrastructure can provide.


Save money with a cost effective solution

If you want offer a secure access to all your workforce, but you want to choose hardware tokens only for selected premium users, SecurePass can suit your needs. Give more secure tamper-proof tokens to the most valuable people in your organization and enjoy the free mobile client for Android, Apple iOS or Blackberry: the perfect balance between security and convenience.


Prevent identity theft

When a flaw is discovered, popular applications are an easy target for an attack, potentially disclosing million of identities to malicious users. Give to SecurePass’ service the role of protecting your personnel’s identities worldwide, even if your site hasn’t SSL, and we will ensure that your users are really who they claim to be, not malicious ones. It’s guaranteed by GARL, the Swiss Bank for Digital Identities.


Confidential data protection

An identity management system is a valuable tool for your entire organisation, especially if you need to protect intellectual properties, sensitive data and confidential information. SecurePass secure the process of obtaining and managing access to corporate resources from anywhere, with any device and at any time.


Fast and easy integration

SecurePass works with most of the enterprise applications out-of-the box and in a matter of minutes: we support the LDAP protocol that is commonly used among commercial and open source business applications. Why waste precious time installing complex infrastructures and managing updates when you can use a more secure and convenient service? The Swiss Bank for Digital Identities will take care of it for you.


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