Get secure access for Linux, Solaris and Unix servers

Strong authentication for your existing infrastructure

SecurePass improve data protection and privacy to your enterprise by providing secure access to desktops, servers, applications and networks.


Many studies demonstrated the security issues associated with the use of traditional passwords for user authentication. Remote access to your servers, including terminal and files, opens up a door to your sensitive data to millions of potential malicious users.

SecurePass One Time Passwords reduce the risk of identity theft and prevent the damages caused by cyber attacks such as username/password scans, worms and other external threats. Our exclusive SecureFactor technology will enable you to add an extra layer of security on top of time-limited passwords without modifying your software.


Multifactor authentication

Simplify your security policies and adopt a bank-grade security with SecurePass’ multi-factor authentication: with a single account and a personal device (smartphone token or hardware token) every user can securely login to Unix desktops, remote terminal access, local applications, and all unix workloads such as FTP/SFTP/SSH servers, web portals, mail servers and more.


Upgrade your security

SecurePass is committed to keep your Unix systems secure without any additional hassle. No need for complex architectures or programs, just use what you already are familiar with. All your unix workloads, from traditional character-based application to web 2.0 workloads will be secured in a matter of minutes. Even more, SecurePass doesn’t need special training: through an easy to use web interface, you will be able to manage your users, devices, operating systems and applications.


Secure collaboration

SecurePass identity management feature act as a filter between users’ devices and your Unix servers, verifying that each user is really who he claims to be. SecurePass improve protection of your online data by granting access only to your authorized users. Files, applications and databases can be securely shared with partners, suppliers and customers across the firewall.


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