Strengthen your network

Secure sharing for VPN & Remote access

No matter if you are doing business from your company headquarter, branch office or while sitting comfortably from an hotel room: working from anywhere is today a common practice. Executives, salesman and teleworkers can experience every day the comfort of connecting to corporate resources when outside of company premises.


Firewalls are an important part of the security strategy to filter malicious content, but they can’t do the job alone. Firewall policies are a compromise between easy maintenance and users’ productivity. Network security depends heavily on the authentication you choose to recognize users and devices. SecurePass extends multiple strong authentication and identity protection to your diffuse network, ensuring all your applications and mobile devices with a fully-featured software as service.


Secure VPN access

Internet helped organisations in managing remote connections through low cost Virtual Private Networks: in this scenario, security plays an important role when your virtual gate opens the door to your private resources such as intranet, e-mail, databases, etc… SecurePass plays the role of the gatekeeper and offers a reliable protection to users’ devices, minimizing the risk of malicious intrusion. This is especially important if your personnel and contractors connect to corporate data from personal devices (BYOD trend).


Close the security loop

SecurePass directly integrates into the firewall to manage users’ access, acting as a strategic filter between LAN, internet and DMZ. SecurePass’ One Time Passwords (OTP) replace predictable passwords when your remote access system verifies users’ identity. For a second line of defence, make sure to enable SecureFactor: our technology allows you to combine a secret word of any length to your One Time Password to increase the protection level of every user’s identity.


Maximum data protection

SecurePass will select your users with the same care as you would do: through our exclusive Network Protection & Isolation technology, the system automatically rejects users from unverified sources and prevent damages to sensitive data before it’s too late. This additional armor will increase your firewalls’ overall security, ensuring that your corporate users will operate under maximum protection.


Bank your corporate identity

Forget about protecting your user and bring your users’ digital identities in our bank vault, GARL will safely store them for you. Give to SecurePass’ service the task of identifying your personnel and we will ensure that your users are really who they claim to be, not malicious ones. It’s guaranteed by GARL, the Swiss Bank for Digital Identities.


Deploy is a matter of minutes

SecurePass leverages standard protocols: integrating your security appliances is easy and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Free guides and examples are available on our support site.


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