Unified secure access for web applications

One account, One Time Password, many cloud apps

SecurePass offers you an extra layer of security to your web applications with multi-factor authentication enhanced by a Single Sign On experience


While more and more organisations prefer cloud-based applications to be able to work from anywhere and to connect easily with customers, the increasing numbers of username and passwords complicate everyday users’ work and introduce several security risks. There are many tips against identity theft and a basic protection, but the solution is a single service that is able to guarantee a secure and simple authentication to users across different systems and softwares.

SecurePass provides a centralized access control system to cloud applications, portals and appliances, adding multiple types of security mechanisms with a single tool. By leveraging the Single Sign On feature, users can simply access to an application with the One Time Password, then SecurePass recognize them for every integrated applications without requesting again proof the identity.


Prevent identity theft

What if a malicious user could steal your password and access company’s data through an on-line web application? Give to SecurePass’ service the role of protecting your personnel identities worldwide, even if your site hasn’t SSL, and we will ensure that your users are really who they claim to be, not malicious ones. It’s guaranteed by GARL, the Swiss Bank for Digital Identities.


Increase data security

An identity management system is a valuable tool for your entire organisation, especially if you need to protect intellectual properties, sensitive data and confidential information. SecurePass secure the process of obtaining and managing access to corporate resources from anywhere, with any device and at any time.


Saving time and money for your core business

SecurePass makes strong authentication and corporate identities management easier and more convenient, giving you more time to focus on your core business tasks. SecurePass helps reduce the total cost of ownership, including lowering IT costs by simplifying access and integration. In addition, an identity management system decrease the costs related to security threats.


Secure access to your online data

Our exclusive SecureFactor technology adds an extra layer of security on top of the protection of the time-limited passwords: this makes SecurePass the state-of-art strong authentication system for Internet and cloud services. Spend less time managing your security issues and embrace One Time Passwords: it’s valid only for one login session and it only requires a freely available smartphone application or an hardware token.


Fast and easy integration

SecurePass can be customized and integrated with full range of applications based on RADIUS, LDAP and CAS protocols in a matter of minutes. Why waste precious time installing software and managing updates when you can use a more convenient service? The Swiss Bank for Digital Identities will take care of it for you.


Best user experience

SecurePass doesn’t need special training: through an easy to use web interface, you will be able to manage your users, devices, operating systems and applications.


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