Strong authentication for Windows Terminal Services

A secure access to your existing Windows server infrastructure

When you spent time and money to implement the perfect Windows Terminal Services for your business, you have also to ensure that data and applications are protected from the risk of malicious users.


Traditional Windows application hosted through Terminal Services is a frequent solution to share resources with your internal users, customers or partners over the Internet. Maintaining a traditional infrastructure in house requires upfront cost and several operational activities, but gives you better control over applications and data security.

When administrators publish a Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Service resource over the Internet, he/she must ensure that protection of applications and data is in place: remote desktop connections opens up a door to your private resources to millions of potential malicious users. SecurePass provides strong authentication to Windows Terminal Services through the use of a simple and free plugin. Integration with your existing system is a matter of minutes: give it a try and reduce your security hassles while saving more time for your valuable activities.


Upgrade your security

IT departments often face the challenge of preventing risks while keeping the users working with their familiar Windows applications. Team up your Windows server with SecurePass: our service act as a filter on the Remote Desktop Connection(*) between users’ devices and server, verifying that each user is really who he claims to be.


Identity management

SecurePass come with an intuitive web control panel: make your job easier by checking contractors’, partners’ and personnels’ identity and controlling who can access your data.


Secure access to your online data

Our exclusive SecureFactor technology adds an extra layer of security on top of the protection of the time-limited passwords: this makes SecurePass the state-of-art strong authentication system for Internet and cloud services. Spend less time managing your security issues and embrace One Time Passwords: it’s valid only for one login session and it only requires a freely available smartphone application or an hardware token.


Secure collaboration

SecurePass directly manage users’ access with the same care as you would do. Granting access to authorized users, SecurePass improve protection of your online workspace. Applications and databases can be securely shared with partners, suppliers and customers across the firewall.


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(*) SecurePass for Windows Terminal Services is suitable best for standalone servers. Servers connected to Active Directory should be analyzed by our network of advisors.

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